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Cleansing Chef

Forget about tugging and pulling, the Cleansing Chef completely cleans skin and removes makeup in one step without stripping the skin’s natural moisture.

$ 27.90

Queen Bee

There is nothing like the Queen B bubble cleanser. A soft and light cleanser that aids in hydration while creating a healthy skin layer.

$ 29.90

Wake-up Call

Rise and shine! Wake-up Call is an alcohol free toner that keeps your skin revitalised and prepped for the day. 

$ 31.90

The Victory

The Victory Lotion! Effortless and easy. If you only have time for one skincare product, this is it! All in one - Toner, Moisturizer, Whitening, and Nourishing lotion.

$ 34.90

Dream Cream

Stop the clock on aging skin with Dream Cream. An aspiration for keeping your skin ever so smooth and youthful.

$ 65.90

Silk Underwear

Silk Underwear is an instantaneous hydration and smoothening cream - Imagine a cloud of contentment blanketing your soft and supple skin in a field of rainbows and marshmallow butterflies.

$ 51.90

All New Mind Reader

Looking for an essence that contains all you want for that perfect skin? An essence that works it’s magic while you sleep. You just read my mind.

Ocean Mermaid

The one and only ocean mist spray- feel the rejuvenative effects of the ocean anywhere, anytime.

$ 19.90

Special Care Mask Kit

Inspired by our very own Dream Cream, the Special Care Mask kits are on a whole new level. Guaranteed to reduce wrinkles, eye bags and crows feet in just ONE use.

3 x Mask Sheets in a Box

Everyday Mask Kit

The Silk Mask is back with a Bang! Effective yet gentle on your skin, specially formulated for everyday use. 

4 x Mask Sheets in a Box