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Home > All Blog News>Botox and Fillers: The Difference

All Blog News>Botox and Fillers: The Difference

Botox and Fillers: The Difference

Botox and Fillers: The Difference

In a quest to look beautiful and younger, many people are going under the knife or opting for cosmetic injectables to achieve their desired looks.

There has been an increasing trend of people choosing the latter as there is almost no downtime, so one can get back to work immediately after getting their injections. The effects are also not permanent like plastic surgery. Although both Botox and fillers are injections, they work quite differently to achieve the effect of looking younger.

To summarizeBotox relaxes and fillers fill. Botox relaxes the facial muscles, while fillers fill in wrinkles with substances.

Many people would have heard of some of the adverse side effects that have resulted from botched Botox procedures. Botox is derived from Botulinum Toxin A, made from bacterium that is a deadly poison. Botox acts by paralyzing muscles that create wrinkles and blocking nerve signals that cause muscles to contract. If Botox is done correctly and in proper moderation, the results will look natural and emotions will still be expressed on the face. However, if done in the wrong hands, overly-dramatic results will be seen, resulting in an unnatural and frozen look. Risks of Botox also include bruising at the injection site, chances of infection and the possibility of unintentionally affecting nearby muscle groups.

Besides making one look youthful by treating firmly established wrinkles, fillers also can be used as volumizers to plump and lift cheeks and lips. Side effects include redness and swelling, lumpiness and skin necrosis. Most fillers are temporary and dissolve in six to eighteen months, making them a more popular option as people can undo the process if they find the results undesirable.

So would you go through all these kind of risks to look younger? Or just simply choose a healthier and natural option instead – Dream Cream perhaps? ;)

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