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Home > All Blog News>Review: Tahpre anti-wrinkle eye cream -The Dream Cream

All Blog News>Review: Tahpre anti-wrinkle eye cream -The Dream Cream

Review: Tahpre anti-wrinkle eye cream -The Dream Cream

Review: Tahpre anti-wrinkle eye cream -The Dream Cream


I used this for about 2 weeks and the review is based on the results.



It is for all skin types and people with sensitive skin can use this too. This product makes your skin soft as if you just woke up from a beauty sleep. Outside the box you can find the ingredients, and in the inside there are the characteristics, functions, instructions and cautions.


Tahpre Dream Cream is an anti-ageing, whitening and also skin recovery cream. It is free of artificial perfumes, preservatives, parabens, mineral oils and synthetic silicon. And what is peptide? It contains 10% of peptide. I researched about it below.


Peptide is a protein that functions as a botox.


The instructions state to apply the cream around the eyes, around the lips and neck.


Compared to other eye products, since Dream Cream is 50ml, it is enough to use around the nose where wrinkles form and can be applied in big quantities.


It is very light and smells good also. The texture is strong enough as compared to other eye products I have used in the past.


I tested the product on my hand first.


I compared it with another product I had at home to feel the difference in moisture. The difference can be seen after the skin absorbs the cream. Tahpre Dream Cream remains moisturized after the skin absorbed the cream without oil remains. However, the other eye cream I had at home leaves oil excess.

Since the hand has more wrinkles and is more dry, I could notice the big difference. I will now apply it around my eyes.


I don’t usually apply eye cream because of the oil excess and the stickiness. But I applied this Dream Cream for 15 days to get an exact result and review.


  • Before: Dark circles can be seen with a lot of blemish as well as small wrinkles.
  • Day 5: Skin is clearer, and blemish is also disappearing. Wrinkles remain the same.
  • Day 10: Dark circles are unnoticeable and wrinkles are disappearing.
  • Day 15: You can notice the whitening and brightening around the eye as well as the small wrinkles gone.

The results may vary according to skin types. I had great results.


The skin below my eye got stronger and tighter as well as the dark circles disappeared. The small wrinkles were gone (not the deep ones yet) and the blemishes were almost gone.

I applied the product around my lips and neck but the difference was not so clear as applied around the eyes.


In the package it said that the skin recovers as if you have been sleeping for 10 hours, indeed, it was true.

I feel very good about this product, it makes me feel good every time I look at the mirror. After 2 weeks of using the product I got the brightening effect. The results were fast and I plan to use it every day from now on.

It contains 50ml which is bigger than any other eye cream, and the price is reasonable. I really like this product because of the feeling after applying it. I highly recommend this product!


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